LoFric Primo Hydrophilic Intermittent Pediatric Catheter is a perfect solution for people who are active and out of the home frequently. It features urotonic surface technology for low friction and

57.99 р.

Medline Silvertouch Silicone Closed System Foley Catheter Tray is designed to lead the clinician through the insertion process at the patient bedside. The silvertouch catheter has a coating that hydrates

20.06 р.

LoFric Primo Tiemann Coude Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter is a perfect solution for people who are active and out of the home frequently. It features urotonic surface technology for low friction

111.53 р.

Rusch Robinson And Nelaton All Purpose Red Rubber Latex Intermittent Catheter is designed with two opposing eyes. Rusch Red Rubber Latex Intermittent Catheter is soft and comfortable, resulting in a

56.99 р.

Medline Two-Way 100 Select Silicone Straight Tip Foley Catheter With 10cc Balloon Capacity maximize safety and comfort. It features large, smooth eyes for maximum comfort and drainage and symmetrical

52.99 р.

Torbot Catheter Connector is used to connect one catheter to another. One end is threaded and screws into the urinal valve base while the other fits into the night drainage

10.99 р.

Bard 100 Silicone Two Way Foley Catheter With 5cc Balloon Capacity provides a latex-free alternative for indwelling catheters. Two Way Foley Catheter is 100 silicone featuring a standard

66.99 р.

Medline Red Rubber Latex All-Purpose Urethral Intermittent Catheter comes in use across the spectrum of health care for all patient types. High-quality construction of this catheter ensures consistency of use

16.99 р.

Medline Bulb Irrigation Syringe features a soft, pliable bulb for maximum control of drawn or expelled volume. It is easy to grip and use with only one hand, the control

33.77 р.

Coloplast SpeediCath Coude Tip Hydrophilic Coated Male Intermittent Catheter is an instantly ready to use catheter. Polished eyelets and unique hydrophilic coating ensure convenient and simple catheterization every day. Ring-pull

3.49 р.

Medline Urinary Drainage Bag With Anti Reflux Device And Metal Clamp has a clear one-way mylar valve for visualization of urine flow. It has a reinforced hanger with built-in anti-kink

4.89 р.

Medline Intermittent Urethral Catheterization Tray provide you with all of the necessary supplies required for catheterization. It includes graduated collection basin, underpad, fenestrated drape, specimen container with ID label, peel

4.99 р.

Bard Bardia 2-Way Silicone-Elastomer Coated Foley Catheter is specifically designed with a hydrophobic material that rejects moisture. This rigid latex catheter is coated with Silicone Elastomer to help reduce urethral

12.59 р.

Cure Catheter 16 Inches Male Coude Tip Intermittent Catheter features 100 percent fire polished eyelets and funnel end for males. This sterile, single use catheter is a high quality DEHP

23.99 р.

Bard Bulb Irrigation Syringe and Tray are ideal for irrigation and aspiration. This 50cc bulb syringe has a pliable bulb for responsive, controllable suction and finger flanges to help prevent

54.99 р.

Bard Reusable Wide Leg Bag Straps are used to keep urinary bags in place. They feature fabric backing and Velcro closure. These 2 wide straps are comfortable to wear

72.99 р.

Coloplast Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag provides the user with enhanced security and reliability with its advanced anti-kink tubing that prevents accidental leakage. The anti-kink tubing reduces the risk of

77.99 р.

Rochester Antibacterial Hydro Personal Male Intermittent Catheter is a safe and secure method of completely emptying the bladder if the user is unable to do so. It combines the benefits

38.29 р.

Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Touch Free Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter is a no-touch catheter with an integrated collection bag in a pocket-size package. This full-length catheter provides the right balance of

186.44 р.

PECO Medical Polished Eye Male Intermittent Catheter With Coude Tapered Tip has marked funnel that allows for optimal catheter tip position during insertion removal. Each catheter is made of medical

39.99 р.

Hollister InView Special Male External Catheter features shorter sheath length for a wider range of needs. Soft and breathable silicone which is non-irritating and can be crimped for a custom

49.99 р.

Medline Sterile Bulb Irrigation Syringe Tray with Tip Protector have ears to minimize hand slippage and subsequent contamination of barrel or solution container. Flat bottom solution container is sturdy and

2.69 р.

ReliaMed Standard Leg Bag With Twist Valve is a drainage bag designed for use by those individuals who use catheters. It features sterile fluid pathways and easy-to-use Twist Drain Port.

47.99 р.

Bard Bardex Robinson Red Rubber Intermittent Urethral Catheter features two opposing eyes and hollow round tip. The red latex increases radiopacity and firmness. Bard Robinson Urethral Catheter 16-inch long is

61.99 р.

ReliaMed Premium Vented Drainage Bag With Double Hanger is a disposable drainage bag that is designed for use with catheters. The bag can hang onto a wheelchair, stretcher or bed.

99.99 р.

Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Pediatric Intermittent Catheter is designed from a unique composite of three distinct silicone layers for comfortable, easy, and reliable intermittent catheterization. This catheter provides virtually friction-free insertion

60.23 р.

McKesson Graphite Stackable Bedpan is plastic bedpan with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The stacking feature of this bedpan helps minimize storage space. Graphite Stackable Bedpan is graduated in

62.99 р.