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Cloth Surgical Tape Latex Free .5" X 10 Yards

Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tapes are mostly useful for people who are allergic to general adhesive tapes

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As a matter of fact, the hypoallergenic variety of adhesive tapes performs the same function as conventional adhesive tapes with a composition of fewer synthetic chemicals to reduce or eliminate allergic risks.Easily available at competitive prices, the hypoallergenic adhesive tapes can be purchased from our online store and we ensure quick delivery at your doorstep without additional shipping charges. /span /p

The hypoallergenic adhesive tapes have gentle adhesion for lessened trauma to a sensitive skin and are less likely to cause allergic reactions on skin application when compared to the traditional adhesive tapes

These are essential tapes equipped in emergency rooms, healthcare clinics, urgent care centers, and even in pharmacies

We recommend having a skin patch test done before applying the tape to stay safe on regular use, especially for individuals who are very susceptible to allergies