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Star Trek Tng Adult Deluxe Operations Costume

You’ve finally done it! You’ve graduated from Starfleet Academy and you’ve drawn your dream assignment--the one you’ve always hoped for--aboard the Starship Enterprise! You’ll get to work under the legendary Captain Picard and have amazing adventures all across the galaxy

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Accessorize this top with a black pair of pants and you ll be all set to climb aboard

Just make sure to follow your skills into engineering, or security, or medical, and make all your dreams come true!Whether you idolize Commanders Work, Data, or Geordi LaForge, this outfit will help you fit right in with the rest of the Enterprise crew

Now get out there and make sure to write home about all those adventures.

When you don this Star Trek TNG Adult Deluxe Operations Uniform, you ll feel the honor and history of boldly trekking where few others have gone, making contact with new and interesting alien cultures, and wildly ignoring the Prime Directive -- despite Picard s best attempts not to

Display your appropriate rank as you continue to rise in power

Just don t volunteer for the most dangerous assignments, you don t want to turn yourself into a red shirt

Oh and also, our best advice --grow a beard

Trust us on this one--or look it up--even LaForge will tell you it s the way to go.Whatever you decide to do aboard your new assignment, just know that you ll look sharp in this officially licensed costume top, complete with a communicator badge and five butterfly clasp collar insignia pins